Danny's Fresh Daily Pita Bread

Danny’s Fresh Pita Bread range is the best quality and superior tasting pita bread available on the market. It is baked and delivered fresh daily to supermarkets and stores in the North Island, making it the freshest pita available on the market.

Original 5's Pitabread wholemeal 5's Pita bread Lebanese 4's Olive Filled  Garlic Filled Garllic wholemeal Mini Original 8's Mini Oatbran 8's Mini wholemeal 8's

Danny's Long Life Pita Bread

Danny’s Long Shelf Life range is packed in our fully sealed packaging to provide a longer life than our fresh range. It's packed in a protective atmosphere to maintain freshness and will keep well until at least the best before date stated on the pack. Once opened we recommend to use this within 2 days or freezing immediately.

Pita-longlife_0004_original Pita-longlife_0003_wholemeal Pita-longlife_0002_olive Pita-longlife_0001_garlic wholemeal Pita-longlife_0000_garlic Pita-longlife-mini_0001_Layer 3 Pita-longlife-mini_0002_Layer 2 Pita-longlife-mini_0000_Layer 4

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