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Danny’s Wholmeal Pita Bread 5's

Our wholemeal pita breads are just like our originals but with the added goodness of wholemeal flour.

Pita bread is a flat wheat bread, baked to allow for a pocket to be created and therefore easily filled. The key to good quality pita is the taste and strength of this pita. Danny’s has a unique method of baking our pita, which makes it “stronger”, our pita pocket will not fail you!

At Danny's we pride ourselves on using only the finest, 100% natural ingredient - no preservatives, no additives.

Ingredients: Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Iodised Salt & Sugar.

Nutritional information:

 Per 100g Per Pita
 Energy kJ\Cal1100/262825/196
 Protein g10.207.65
 Fat g 1.491.12
 -Saturated fat g0.300.23
 Carbohydrate g51.1038.33
 -Sugars g1.501.13
 Sodium mg 340255


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