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Danny’s has been baking Pita bread for over twenty five years, using only the finest ingredients to make our authentic pita bread. Danny’s has an absolute passion for freshness, as Pita bread is best when eaten fresh.

Danny’s is available in supermarkets nationally, and our Pita bread is the #1 Selling pita bread in New Zealand. We sell and deliver fresh daily in a range of sizes for the hospitality market. We also do a range of other flat breads, such as Lebanese bread which are great for wraps or kebabs and ready to heat and eat falafel.


Better Tasting

At Danny’s, taste and freshness are paramount. We will not compromise on taste and that is why there is no surprise that our customers comment on how great our breads, crisps and falafels taste! You should try them too – Order a Trial Package


Better Quality – Danny’s Pita bread will not crumble away when filled

We make our pita in a unique way, individual balls of dough are pressed lightly to make the pita shape and baked to create a “strong” yet deliciously soft fresh pita, that will not split easily when filled. This process is different from many other pita bread companies that use “cutters” to cut the shape in the ready pressed dough and therefore compromise the gluten strands that give a pita its “strength”.


100% Natural (and Vegan)

Completely Natural with No Preservatives & No Dairy
We only use natural ingredients in our fresh Pita bread: yeast, water, salt, sugar and flour.



Easy to use

We are able to deliver fresh if required, however we freeze our fresh product after a short cool down period straight out of the bakery, and this means that we keep that freshly baked taste in the product. All you need to do is reheat the product and your customers will get that fresh baked taste

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